Industry Consultant and Performance Mentoring





Performance artists of all genres- Are you, or someone close to you struggling with the big questions like:

*how to break inMarissa-Burgess-Creative-Production-Commercial-Model-2010-1.jpgto the entertainment industry?

*finding the right contacts?

*what is my place in the world…really?

*getting an honest opinion on your progress?

*wanting to explore your full potential?

*why are you not getting promoted?

*needing to make something happen NOW!?



Take command of your career. Start by sending me an email now. It’s amazing how quickly and efficiently things can unravel for you once directed onto the right path!

Affordable industry consultant and performance mentoring fees tailored to your needs are available. Act now before your peers do! Parents alike my wish for tools about an industry not known to you, or even high level competitive children who want that win!

In a private and nurturing environment working just outside your comfort zones is where you will find your inner potential. We have a saying ‘fake it till you make it’, with the mentoring programs on offer, we can work together to make you appear outwardly confident and commanding any situation, until these new tools and skills become so second nature, you become ACTUALLY confident!

Everyone has insecurities, you’re not alone, it’s those who recognize and manage their weaknesses, exploit their strengths that audience and employers perceive as confident professionals.


Marissa Burgess a former Moulin Rouge dancer in Paris for 16 years.

“I have great news. I’M OFF TO FRANCE!I’m going to be working in Strassbourg? Not quite sure what it is at this stage. Thank for all of your help.The showgirls academy was the best thing i could have done, it helped me get my first foot through the door to my dancing career.”  Tracy



Consultancy Formats include:

Consult phone/Skype call -$50 (Effectively ascertain your needs and decide immediate steps to take)

Face to Face meeting-$150 (Develop and implement strategies towards achieving desired goal)

Subsequent phone/Skype calls-$50 (quality control and feedback)

Management retainer: $50/month (on-hand tailored advice in real-time. Monthly renewable contract, inquire for T’s and C’s)

Private Performance Mentoring– $90/hour +plus studio hire. (Find strength and weaknesses, fine tune performance skills)

Small Groups (3-8 students) -4 hours@ $100 each

Please note: Each customer is extremely individual and therefore a tailored program and fee can be negotiated to optimal efficiency.


Showgirl Academy

Showgirl Academy provides students,  female and male, with all the essentials to hone their craft as dancers specifically on the International cabaret scene.

Showgirl Academy is open to students with a sound background in dance and even to professional dancers who wish to expand their knowledge or target the cabaret scene.

Training in both showgirl and can-can style dances, grooming and costuming  students are taught “tricks of the trade” and are provided with useful contacts sheets to start off and direct their careers.

Formats include:

Private lessons- 4 hours @ $300 (includes: showgirl style class, can can specialty initiation, makeover, career advice, current  industry contact list, photograph)

Small Groups (3-8 students) -5 hours@ $100 each


More testimonials

“Your class helped me with small details that I hadn’t picked up on myself. You helped the dance suit my body, my style of dance, and the music. You really helped me with my performance skills, including eye line and musicality. I was also taught how to further connect and engage with the audience. You picked up on any awkward movements and made them look presentable. Overall really benefited all of my dances!” Alina

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help at the audition in Sydney and at the workshop in the week leading up to it.Having you there was a big relief and help ease quite a few nerves!   I’m sure i only made the top 10 because of your input and persisting so again thanks heaps for that!
Well that’s all for now, i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciated all you did for me.”
“I wanted to thankyou so much for that workshop, I am a showgirl in the finale of my
french show, and it is so great to know how to walk and stand, especially
as i am in a g-string and huge head piece! (although, when i am just standing
in one spot, what is the best postion for arms if they have to be down…
demi-bra????) anyway, I have really been thinking about your advice and I
have been very conscious of being careful with my body, both when i am dancing
and with my figure!”
“I have great news. I’M OFF TO FRANCE! I’m going to be working in Strassbourge? Not quite sure what it is at this stage. Thank for all of your help.The showgirls academy was the best thing i could have done, it helped me get my first foot through the door to my dancing career.”
“How are you? How are the showgirl workshops going? I bet they are going unreal cause I know I really enjoyed that week with you, I learned so much, and every french show that I do each week when I become a showgirl for the finale, I think of all the points that you taught me!”
“How are you? I hope you are well. I am just writing to thank you for all of things you have taught me through showgirl academy. I have appreciated it very much and it was great help in my audition for moulin rouge!  I was successful in my audition and got all the way to the end!!!”