With her practical and honest approach Marissa applies tried and tested formulas to the pre-exsisting talent and if the X-factor is not there yet, it soon will be!

“Parents or students, my service is discreet and non-biased.I can answer your specific questions and offer well balanced advise.”

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Marissa Burgess has made a ‘science’ of her industry and is only to happy to pass on her savoir faire, inside tips to the up and coming generations of entertainers.

Whether from adjudicating small children, providing master classes for senior students and young professionals or at the highest level tweaking  established entertainers and their already successful acts, Marissa is passing on the lessons learned from former greats that, throughout her life and career have been so generous in helping her own progress.

” I really have no ego about it,  we didn’t re-invent the wheel , but we can honour our forefathers in Entertainment by simply taking their good example and putting it to our good use. I feel obliged to pass on what I have learned directly or indirectly  from some of the greatest choreographers, producers and stars of all time “

Marissa Burgess a former Moulin Rouge dancer in Paris for 16 years.

She is able to view an artist or budding artist with new eyes and pin-point the missing links between good and greatness that can be found.

Whether it shortfall lies in the grooming, a certain technical trait, choreographic or production or even a deeper personal insecurity to performing, Marissa seeks the answer to achieving the end product in an inspirational manner.

Showgirl Academy

A finishing course for budding Showgirls intent on career in famous cabarets.