Two elegant ladies and a grand piano.

Dinner music for corporate settings, restaurants or piano bars.

With silky tones and tinkling notes, Saffron serves an eclectic plate of easy listening music, infused with jazz, pop and blues, spiced with glamour and sophistication.

Saffron conjures up the by-gone era of

Hollywood Classic Films.

Moody, yet bright,

Sultry, yet engaging,

Luxurious music to be sensed, seen and savoured

Sprinkle a little Saffron on your event!

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Who is Saffron?


With her natural ability for music, deep relationship with her piano and a curiosity to delve and diversify; Carla M. Keely is a prodigious young talent to behold. Cutting an elegant silhouette at her grand piano, Carla delivers a feminine yet firm acoustic performance.


From her Australian roots, to the floor boards of Europe and back again via Asia, Marissa Burgess voice warms the room with a soulful, yet playfully engaging delivery with the innate ability to shift moods and genres in a breath.

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