Values and Vision

Founder Marissa Burgess, comes from the grand tradition of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. However coming home from that illustrious past to Australia, she found there was nothing comparable for her to slot into. Many of her former Australian collegues from around the world had also come home to essentially be out of work. In addition to this, the incredibly trained graduates from Performing Arts schools had nowhere to commence their careers.

Having enjoyed a full performance career herself, this lacking in employment opportunities for her junior collegues distressed her enormously. What was to become of them?  Alas, most long running contracts in Australian venues had dwindled. This over-training and underemployment of our elite dancers reaching critical proportions.

Marissa came to discover the only commercial sector where artists careers could flourish was in the Corporate Events domain.  Here, at least, there were the kind of quality venues and clients that could enable her customary spectacular shows. Marissa founded her own company and in doing so, offers her collegues the employment opportunities they deserve. Marissa Burgess Creative Productions is elevating the quality of shows and leaving an indelible impression on audiences which ensures the competition  remains buoyant.

Having launched and franchised new dance companies abroad, her legacy is such that hundreds of Australian talents will continue to find work, if they wish to travel. In their home country however, they should have equal chances to grow and thrive. Producing shows in Corporate Events is not solely a commercial venture for Marissa Burgess Creative Productions; it is a philanthropic necessity, an envelope that needs pushing, with a “pay -it-forward” ideal.

A hand needs to be extended to the graduating Performing Artists and returning ex-pat professionals. The Events community and Corporate clients are in a position to make a difference to these young professionals. Marissa Burgess with now 30 years in the Entertainment industry, proudly provides the link that facilitates both the Corporations and the Arts in their mutual endevours.