Blog- why-would a showgirl want to-start-a-blog…?

15th July 2014, Gold Coast why-would a showgirl want to-start-a-blog

Hey Everyone! Here I am writing the first entry in what I hope to be my ongoing blog.

Why? You may ask and what can I possibly contribute to the world…da..da..da..dum…!

Well the fact of the matter is I AM contributing to “my world” ie. my direct showbiz world- that is and all the lovely and delightful, funny eccentric, gorgeously talented people in it. AND while that may sound like the most monumental ‘suck’, it’s not, it’s the cold hard facts of being a showgirl in a world of showgirls and boys; lets not forget the spunky boys! It’s a very beautiful world in which I am privileged to live. A ‘Cool World” just like in the song. But I am asked many a question and I would like to contribute in a more structured manner, thus the blog.

While I’m not excluding anyone from my “Cool world”, all are welcome, my people will understand me and what I just said and anyone else curious enough about our world might like to be along for the ride.

The Ride?

I have lots to get off my chest, indeed I have SO MUCH laundry to air, and having no platform on which to peg up my hose, because let’s face it: you don’ t want to impose your old, sometimes tattered knickers upon unsuspecting passers-by (like on Facebook) I figure I shall post this and see who walks through my largely ajar front gate.

It occurs to me I should write this in French too, but that will have to be for another day.  In the meantime I will extend a big Welcome, Bienvenue! and be back here to get into the guts of My Showgirl Life topic.

Au Revoir!